Art History: Complete

PopArt Warhol

Yes! I just got done with the rest of my assignments for Art History. This is my attempt at the very popular Andy Warhol technique. I didn’t know how long my other assignments were going to take so I did this artwork fairly quick. I, unfortunately, have been waiting until the last minute to finish everything. I am so happy to be complete with my second course of the online Web Design & Development program at Full Sail University. Next course is Mobile Media Design 1 and I’m excited. Hopefully I will start learning about something I care to know! Both English and Art History were quite easy so this next class, that I will surely enjoy, should be a breeze. Super stoked.

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Digital Painting #1

Cave Painting Today I finished my first assignment for Art History. We were to create a cave painting of any sort (as long as it remain realistic). Here is my go at it:

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Long Time No See

Hey, how’s it going? Cool.


I’m Failing You

I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile. I am so sorry! Here’s an update: I’ve just started week three of the Online Web Design &Development program at Full Sail University. Only four assignments have been graded thus far but I have a 4.0 GPA nonetheless. I’ve never been so excited for school before. That’s about all I’ve been up to really. Again, I thank all of you who have ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ my Facebook page. Click here if you haven’t done so already. Also, thank you for following me on Twitter. Click here for my Twitter. Last but not least, thank you for all of your support; even if you aren’t following me. Feel free to drop me a comment, question, or tweet. Peace, Kaleb.

Are You Excited!?

I sure as hell am. I am visiting my girlfrand tomorrow. It’s on my mind so I can’t formulate anything more exciting to post about. It’s exciting enough for me. Are you excited?


I might be obsessed. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos. I just started typing and I already feel like I’m rambling. Long story short I don’t have anything exciting to post about because I spent a lot of my time today enjoying YouTube videos. If you have a YouTube account and regularly subscribe and watch videos, than you should subscribe to this channel. I will be completely honest with you; you probably won’t want to watch our videos. I can’t even tell you when we might put out a video next either. I don’t even have a camera that takes video. Again, I feel as if I’m rambling. Tune is next time when I ramble on again about nothing relevant. Taco.

I’m Here; I’m Just Not All There.

I haven’t been posting daily. Oops! I’ve been busy doing stuff. I also don’t have anything too exciting to post either. I’ll do what I can to post awesome shiz daily, starting tomorrow.


I tested out Crysis2 and Dirt3 on my new Mac today. Both games ran very well. I was surprised how well they worked actually considering how slow Windows 7 seems to run on this MacBook Pro. It’s a little better now that it’s updated but normal functions seem slower for some reason. I was pretty lazy today so I don’t have anything to post about other than video games. Woot woot?

Back to School

Back to school… to prove to my daddy that I’m not a fool. Just finished my orientation and first assignment for English. Yipee! My excitement is slowly fading away. The realization of the work to come is catching up. Looking forward to the Web Design and Development classes; not looking forward to the boring classes along the way. I am slowly getting use to the Mac. I will admit that there are things that I like about it but there are definitely things I dislike about it (like the friggen’ price). Don’t worry I installed Windows 7 on it. I’ve decided to name it ‘Mac7’. I’m gonna go test out some video games on this thing now. Peace!